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Ink of Pain

The book will take the reader to a journey through life’s different pains. I have seen, felt and experienced these pains and I feel they are in everyone’s heart.

150.00 INR
Bird in the Open Cage

Simrit, a hard nut teenager considers herself as a misfit. According to her, she is not pretty and would never find love..

145.00 INR
The Lost Daughter

Finding herself at some deserted isolated land Anika is not able to comprehend that how she landed here...

150.00 INR
The Indian Chaplin

THE INDIAN CHAPLIN is a story of an iconic legend Rudved Suryavanshi in stage theater industry famous for his mime...

225.00 INR
About Us & Our Services

Bookselling is the commercial Trading of books

‘Petals Publishers and Distributors’, founded in 2013 with a mission to provide Quality, Creative and Visionary Publishing Services and with a motive of serving the Literary Industry by all means. Started as a dream of one of the very diverse, yet extremely imaginative person – ‘Harpreet Makkar’ & under the invaluable guidance of Vinit K. Bansal, Petals Publishers today, has become a leading example in bridging the ends.

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Literary Services

We at Petals, believe that everybody has a story to tell, but figuring out how to tell that story and to widest of audience, can be difficult at times. We are quick, we are nominal and we are the best.

Marketing Services

To identify the right audience and to maximize the reach, you need a plan; an effective plan to promote your work. To identify the audience, to make your book reach that audience, and to increase the same audience – that’s Marketing.


A thorough Retail Distribution is as important as is the Online Distribution. Making the book visible at Retail stores across the country, even for the Authors not published by us, and making the Authors reach those potential shelves – it defines success.

Publish With Us

We, at Petals, believe in providing quality publishing services. With a dedicated team to support and guide you at each and every step during the journey of publishing, we aim at serving the Literary Industry in the best possible manner. So join us - be a part of Petals family.

Staff Recommended Books

whether you’re a large or a small employer, entrepreneur or an educational institution, professional or a home-maker, these staff suggested books would fit your all time reading requirements.

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Agony and Ecstasy
By Aadesh D. Verma
A Secret Commitment
By Deepak Kumar
Baaton Baaton Mei
By Nandini Malhotra Mahajan
Because The Sky Is The Limit
By Vinit K. Bansal
Bird in the open cage
By Nuzhat Khan
By Debaprasad Mukherjee
Bombay : Hamlet to a metropolis
By Shanta Rath Hotta
Chela : Adventures of Jack & Ty
By Saurabh Kumar
Completely Incomplete
By Abhishek Agrawal
Crack of Dawn
By Shamsher Chandel
Dawn at Dusk
By Gaurav Sharma
By Sheena Bassi

Clients' Testimonials

@ Gaurav Sharma – Author of Rapescars and Dawn At Dusk

To a writer, the best Publisher is the one who respects his work and that's what Petals Publishers are. Publishing is more a passion than business for them. It's an honour and privilege that they are the guardians of two of my books. I wish them the pinnacle of glory.

@ Neelam Saxena Chandra – Editor of Her Story, Award- Winning Author

An honest effort to help the literary talent, showcase and promote budding writers.

@ Vinit K. Bansal – Author of Soulmates & Some Love Stories Never Die

Publisher with a vision.

@ Binduu Chopra – Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Aura Reader

Petals comes across as a publishing house with fresh, innovative and an out of the box approach in doing work which otherwise seems mundane. I’d recommend Petals to any author who is on the lookout for a professional publishing house that delivers maximum value.